Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sari Silk Bookmarks

handmade bookmarks with sari silk

These are one of my favorite projects to my yoga loving friends.  I recently featured these in a gift idea blog post on my yoga & creativity blog,

Here's how to make these handcrafted bookmarks from sari silk ribbon.  A perfect gift for your favorite bookworm, yoga loving or not!

You will need the following...

Sari silk ribbon.  
You can find some great suppliers on Etsy.  This is a supplier I love

Cellphone lariat.
I was lucky to find a bunch of these in a thrift store but you can also find them on Etsy and Amazon

Beads & charms.  
You may well have these in your craft stash at home

Embroidery thread.
Another crafting staple

Gather your materials!

Thread your choice of beads on the lariat.  Broken junk jewelry is a good option!  Leave a small loop at the end of the lariat for your ribbons to thread through.

I cut 10 inch lengths of ribbon to create a 5 inch ribbon tail on my bookmark

Secure tightly with a double knot and trim.  (Perhaps a dot of clear nail polish to secure if you like)

Thread a loop of embroidery thread through the lariat and take the two embroidery thread ends back through the loop to secure.

I had a bunch of tiny charms gifted to me so secured one on the end of the embroidery threads.  Choose a flattish charm just in case it ends up resting inside the pages of the book!

Ta Da!  Enjoy your reading time!

Please know that I am an Etsy & Amazon affiliate which means that any item you may purchase via a link on my blog may earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you ;)

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